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Popular Tread Designs - ORCO PD Rib


Steer/all position rib design for use in line haul, regional and pickup & delivery applications.
- Decoupler grooves help resist irregular wear across the tread face.
- Excellent we traction particularly with Serra-Sipe.


Popular Tread Designs - Spread Axle

Spread Axle

Steer/all position axle retread with the needed durability for use in spread axle trailer applications.
- Rounded shoulders resist tread edge tearing.


Popular Tread Designs - HMT Deep XT


Drive axle retread with traction capabilities needed for a variety of applications.
- Two running ribs provide lateral stability.
- Open shoulder design channels water out and promotes cool running.
- Combination of element types gives even tread wear and improved traction.
- Extra tread depth assures additional mileage.


Popular Tread Designs - MD II


Drive axle retread designed for use in a variety of applications.
- Open shoulders promote self-cleaning and cool running.
- Four rows of lugs with shoulder tie bars reduce irregular wear and extend tread life.


Popular Tread Designs - ORCO PD Traction

ORCO PD Traction

Particularly recommended for general drive applications requiring good traction.
- Large element design reduces squirm to resist irregular wear.
- Ideally suited for applications requiring periodic chain use.
- Unique tread design provides superior all-weather service.


Popular Tread Designs - PRDR Premier Drive

PRDR Premier Drive

Drive axle retread with open shoulder for use in line haul and regional applications.
- Shoulders and lugs are locked for remarkable stability, durability and high torque resistance.
- Unique tread design provides superior all-weather service.
- Extra tread depth and high contact area assures additional mileage.
- Utilizes Oliver’s exclusive tread feature called VDI plus. This tread feature acts as a Visual.
Depth Indicator plus, which resists stone retention and other road debris. It also helps enforce any pull point schedule.


Popular Tread Designs - Rev Lug II

Rev Lug II

Drive axle retread with good traction for use in regional and light truck applications.
- Individual self cleaning lugs provide aggressive traction.
- Open footprint is excellent in mud and snow applications.
- All sizes designed to accept studs.