Houska Garage Bands

Houska Automotive Garage Band Series is a unique event where we transform our garage into a community celebration where we raise funds for local non-profits. Garage Band events consist of good food, live music, and auctions. Please join us for upcoming Garage Band events by calling (970) 482-0156 to RSVP.


Upcoming Garage Band events:


Comfort Dog

June 18, 2016 at 6pm

This Garage Band is to benefit expenses for Redeemer Lutheran Church’s Comfort Dog. Trained Comfort Dogs interact with people at churches, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, events, and in disaster situations. To learn more about Comfort Dogs, visit this link




August 20, 2016 at 6pm

Food truck Join us for another Garage Band event to raise funds to buy a food truck for Elli’s Deli. Elli’s Deli is a non-profit program designed to provide individuals with special needs an opportunity for a positive, fun and rewarding work experience participating in Northern Colorado community events. Workers can develop skills and earn comparable wages to other community employment opportunities. To learn more about Elli’s Deli, visit this link