6 ways to improve your gas mileage

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Are you getting the most bang for your buck from the gas pump?

Prices at the pump are lower than they have been in quite some time and getting the most from your gas will help you save even more. While saving up fuel points will certainly help your gas budget, maintaining your vehicle and making minor adjustments can help stretch your dollar even further. Read below for different ways you can improve your mileage:

Maintain your engine.

Properly maintaining your engine is number one in keeping your fuel efficiency up to snuff. This includes checking all brake, oil, and transmission fluids on a regular basis, in addition to changing them per manufacturers recommendations. Keep up with regular maintenance checkups and fix any possible problems that arise.

Clean your air filter.

Just like humans, cars require good quality air to work properly. A dirty filter, or a filter that isn’t working properly, can impair your cars fuel usage and in turn decrease your miles per gallon. Make sure to check your air filter during your routine maintenance and in between if possible. And look out; squirrels and other animals have been known to make homes in there from time to time.

Proper tire pressure.

If your tires are not inflated properly your car must work harder to get it going and keep it going. More work, means more gas consumption. Review your vehicles recommended pressure settings or ask a technician. Checking your tires on a regular basis to make sure they are properly inflated will not only help you get better gas mileage but it will also help your tires lifespan.

Use cruise control.

Maintaining a consistent speed with the help of cruise control will increase your fuel usage. This is done so by limiting the constant up and down speed changes. Though remember to pay close attention to speed limit changes and traffic, you’ll need to adjust your speed or resume driving without the cruise control feature in moderate to heavy traffic.

Air conditioning: Yes, and No.

Using your AC during stop and go driving in the city can eat up unnecessary fuel because it makes your engine work harder. Ride with the windows down if possible while driving in town. However, keep the windows up and AC on while on the highway. The drag caused by having the windows down causes the loss in fuel efficiency.

Avoid roof racks and travel lightly.

While a roof rack can give you some extra legroom or add more storage to your vehicle, you’ll be sacrificing a bit of gas mileage. Anything on the exterior of your vehicle will create added wind resistance and decrease your gas mileage. Store anything possible on the interior. Also, remove any excess items from your car, as it takes more gas to move your vehicle as the weight load increases.